U.S. managers of Toll Group have re-launched their anti-union crusade against the company’s North American truck drivers as they seek to form a union.


How will this affect Toll’s relationships with customers, investors, and its workforce worldwide? Stay tuned, we’ll be ready to report The Grim Truth at Toll Group.

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Not again!? Toll reignites its North American anti-union crusade
Posted on June 20, 2013
Just when American Toll drivers in New Jersey thought it was safe to form their union…Toll Group pulls a disheartening fast one! Like a terrible case of déjà-vu of Toll’s union-busting barrage on its Los Angeles workforce, the $8.6 billion Australian based company re-launched its anti-union crusade on truck drivers based out of its New [...]

Toll Drivers: The Next Fight
Posted on January 31, 2013
Just weeks after solidifying their historic victory with the ratification of their union contract, drivers at Toll are out at the Los Angeles and Long Beach port terminals making sure their fellow brother and sisters are not left behind.  Toll driver Panni Hunt, jumped at the opportunity to volunteer in support of other port drivers, [...]

Victory at Ports Seen as the Winning Recipe for Workers Everywhere
Posted on January 29, 2013
Port drivers nationwide, along with workers in every industry where hard-working men and women endure back-breaking work for meager wages, are looking at the Toll victory as proof that workers can fight and win. The Teamsters have hit the airwaves and the story of the Toll driver’s courage and determination continues to echo throughout the radio [...]

The American Dream Within Drivers’ Reach!
Posted on January 28, 2013
Jose Ortega Jr., a 36-year-old Toll port driver and single father, will see his earnings almost double with the newly ratified contract. Just last year, an Australian Broadcast Corporation (ABC) Lateline news report on the Toll contract fight revealed that Mr. Ortega earned $23,773, in 2011 according to his W-2 filing. Almost instantaneously, Mr. Ortega [...]

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