From Australia to Los Angeles – Toll’s Workers Land a One-Two-Punch!

February 6, 2012

Toll Watch provides real-time dispatches, live updates and social media/video updates to assist LA workers achieve democracy in the workplace. We keep tabs on Toll Group by monitoring and reporting the company’s attempts to undermine their worker’s right to a free and fair vote to unionize. [Read our first Toll Watch and sign up here for instant alerts.] 

The call for a fast and fair election is unanimous! Toll’s workers are calling on their boss to stop the dirty tricks and they are pulling no punches while making their demands known.

The Australian Transport Workers Union (TWU) just sent out a press release on behalf of the thousands of Toll Australia employees laying out their unwavering support for their fellow truck drivers in Los Angeles.  “All our colleagues in L.A. are asking for is the right to be allowed to join a union and to get the decent facilities and fair pay that they deserve. These are hardly outrageous demands in the land of the free,” stated Tony Sheldon, National Secretary of the TWU.

Mr. Sheldon also took the opportunity to point out the series of safety violations that recently led the California Occupational Safety and Health Administrator to fine Toll at the tune of almost $25,000.  (see OSHA’s Notification of Penalty)

Not to be outdone, a fearless delegation of LA drivers walked into their bosses office to hand deliver a petition signed by their fellow coworkers at Toll- Los Angeles.  Their demand? An end to the recent upsurge of anti-union attacks and a shot at a fair and free election.

In their words:

We Demand True Democracy for Our Union – Our Future!

We, the undersigned, are hard‐working drivers at Toll Group dedicated to making sure our company grows and succeeds. We have long made it clear we want our union recognized to improve our workplace. Australian management has now publicly welcomed news of our election filing and has committed to behaving honestly. So there is no excuse for further delay tactics and dirty tricks here in Los Angeles. We demand an election date be scheduled immediately.

We are ready to vote -‐ freely and fairly.

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