Foul Play of the Week!

February 10, 2012

Delay is the name of the game and Toll is already moving with their “foul play” of the week.  As expected Toll is making use of the bureaucratic process at the National Labor Relations Board and has dragged its drivers into a hearing in an attempt to further delay (and deny) the driver’s right to a fast election.

Toll’s latest delay tactics, however, did not hamper the driver’s spirit and determination.  Roughly 15 Toll drivers attended the hearing earlier this week. They know they risk retaliation when their employer sees them participating and supporting the union. But one by one they flooded the small hearing room as if the National Labor Relations Board was a local truck stop.

The drivers bravely took seats next to company representatives and proudly wore very visible stickers and sending a silent but very clear message to Toll –  “Don’t Delay, Give us a Date.”

Stay tuned for more on Toll’s tactics at the ongoing hearing.

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