Brian Kruger’s Selective Memory?

October 31, 2012

Union-busting? Us? Never! That’s the amnesiac party line being cried out from Toll Group, even by Toll CEO Brian Kruger, after L.A. driver Karael Vallecillo’s surprise visit to Toll’s Annual General Membership (AGM) meeting.

Like being caught with their hand in the cookie jar and left flabbergasted, there’s nothing else left for Toll to say, so they simply lie. Despite the company facing a U.S. federal trial over unlawfully interrogating drivers to assess their union support, questioning if they attended union meetings, and for attempting to sway drivers’ union support with a promise of compensation, Kruger summed up the role of their “union-buster” according to the Australian Associated Press simply as an educator of sorts:

“He was there to assist us in making sure our employees made an informed choice about whether or not to join the union because there was a lot of misinformation out there.”

Is this selective memory or is this Toll’s other face speaking again!? Certainly the memory of being forced to sit in lengthy anti-union indoctrination meetings while on the job has not escaped the minds of drivers, nor the whooping $172,000 paid to the union-buster, according to U.S. Department of Labor filings. And how can drivers, forget?

Everyday they experience the differential treatment and the on-going lie of Toll’s commitment to “One Toll.” With Karael Vallecillo landing on Brian Kruger’s doorstep, it’s become very hard to ignore, and very clear that L.A. Toll drivers are fervently committed to holding the Australian company accountable to their own standards of One Toll anywhere, anyplace, and that’s the exact message Toll drivers asked Vallecillo to take all the way to Australia.  Throughout his mission in Australia, Karael received calls, texts, and even video messages of support from his fellow coworkers – all determined to make sure he relays the message to Toll of truly carrying out a commitment to One Toll.

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