The American Dream Within Drivers’ Reach!

January 28, 2013

Jose Ortega Jr., a 36-year-old Toll port driver and single father, will see his earnings almost double with the newly ratified contract. Just last year, an Australian Broadcast Corporation (ABC) Lateline news report on the Toll contract fight revealed that Mr. Ortega earned $23,773, in 2011 according to his W-2 filing.

Almost instantaneously, Mr. Ortega will rise from just above the poverty line to having a shot at the American Dream for himself and his daughter. Before this contract, only eleven drivers were active in the company’s 401(k) plan. With the contract, Toll drivers will have a Teamsters retirement account through the Teamsters Western Conference Pension Trust. Now more than ever, Jose Ortega will be able to save for his daughter’s college education, and look towards his twilight years with the comfort of knowing he has a safety net to retire with.



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