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US truck drivers take on Toll Group againThe Age, 6/21/13

Toll in fresh dispute with US truck drivers, Teamsters unionThe Australian,  06/21/13

‘Troqueros’ Score First Union Contract with Shipping Giant, Long Beach Post, 01/17/13

Toll puts Teamsters matter to rest, Australasian Transport News, 01/15/13

Trucking Firm In Union DriveLos Angeles Business Journal, 01/14/13

This week in the War on Workers: A win for port truck driversDaily Kos, 01/12/13

Toll’s Port Drivers Reach Contract With Teamsters, Journal of Commerce, 01/11/13

Southern California Port Truckers Reach Agreement with Australia’s Toll GroupTransport Topics, 01/11/13

IBT Member Port Truckers in Los Angeles Ratify Three-Year Contract With Toll Group, Daily Labor Report, 01/10/13

TWU talks up Toll’s Teamsters deal, Australian Financial Review, 01/10/13

Truckers union reaches collective bargaining agreement with Los Angeles, Long Beach portsDaily Breeze, 01/10/13

US truckies celebrate Toll victory, AAP, 01/10/13

Toll takes aim at Australia Post, TWU takes aim at One Toll, Transport and Logistic News, 10/30/12

Slap on the wrist for Toll managers who who acted inappropriately, Australasian Transport News, 10/29/12

Shareholder tackle’s Toll’s ‘donkey-romp’ saga, Sydney Morning Herald, 10/29/12

Toll won’t rule out more losses as it delays review report, The Australian, 10/27/12

Toll drivers on in tough time, The Age, 10/27/12

Toll rejects claim it hired union buster, 9 News, 10/26/12

Toll sees little relief ahead, Sydney Morning Herald, 10/26/12

P*ssed off Kruger faces angry unions at Toll AGM, Australasian Transport News, 10/26/12

Toll, Teamsters hearing set for December 10, Australasian Transport News, 10/24/12

Aussie truckies stand by US counterpartsThe Australian, 10/23/12

Los Angeles Port Truckers Test Out Their Picket Signs, In These Times, 10/12/12

Toll given warning over penis apron act, The Sydney Morning Herald, 8/31/12

Toll managers sanctioned for making asses of themselves, Australasian Transport News, 8/30/12

Toll executives disciplined after sexist harassment involving aprons and toy donkeySmartCompany, 8/30/12

Little takes his Toll, 9 News, 8/29/12

Toll to focus on resolving Japan Problems, 9 News, 8/27/12

Toll targets e-tail growth, Australian Financial Review, 7/31/12

Crisis talks in bid to end strike, Herald Sun, 7/17/12

Toll in court to break picket, The Australian, 7/16/12

Coles Warehouse Workers Reject Toll Offer, Strike Continues, International Business Times, 7/13/12

Trucks blocked as workers rage against Coles-Toll deal, The Age, 7/10/12

After decades of abuse, port truckers join union in California,  Free Speech Radio News, 7/3/12

Injured workers spied on by transport giant Toll, Stock and Land, 7/2/12

Accusations fly as negotiations break down, Australasian Transport News, 6/20/12

Toll’s silence leaves serious allegations unresolved, Australasian Transport News, 6/12/12

US union to copy TWU’s civil disobedience, Nine News, 6/2/12

Teamsters tell TWU your fight is our fight, The Australian, 6/1/12

Investors give Toll another thrashing, The Australian, 5/18/12

Toll to negotiate with Teamsters, ABC News, 5/16/12

Historic Union Victory in Los Angeles, Counterpunch, 4/26/12

Teamsters Pull into Port With San Pedro Truckers, Los Angeles Business Journal, 4/16/12

Teamsters Score 3-to-1 Election Victory in Nearly Union-Free Industry, In These Times, 4/13/12

Teamster harbor victory may have broad impact,  LA Observed, 4/12/12

Overwhelming vote forces Toll to deal with Teamsters, Supply Chain Review, 4/12/12

Southern California Toll Group Drivers Join Teamsters Union, Journal of Commerce, 4/12/12

Toll’s US truckies vote to unionise, The Australian, 4/12/12

Decision time as Toll’s US truckies wait for state-of-the-union redress, The Age, 4/12/12

Truck drivers getting a union vote after Toll Group intimidation campaignDaily Kos, 4/10/12

ITF Slams Treatment of Toll Drivers, International Transport Workers’ Federation, 4/10/12

Toll’s LA drivers to vote in historic Teamsters union campaign, The Australian, 4/9/12

Teamsters riled but Toll defends driver sacking, Australasian Transport News, 3/27/12

Low wages drive Toll’s US operationAustralasian Transport News, 3/23/12

Sterle gets personal amid escalation in Toll disputeAustralasian Transport News, 3/22/12

LA mayor backs truckies battling Toll, Sydney Morning Herald, 3/16/12

Toll’s US truckie row escalates, Australian Financial Review, 3/14/12

Company fires truck driver for taking emergency bathroom break—while supporting a union, Daily Kos, 3/14/12

Fired for using the restroom, La Opinión, 3/13/12

Toll Group in dispute with Los Angeles truck drivers, The Australian, 3/10/12

Toll’s US battle may go global, The Age, 3/5/12

L.A. Port Gets Payback in Clean Truck Program, Los Angeles Business Journal, 2/27/12

Power at the Ports: Truckers Force Slowdowns in Seattle, Los Angeles, Alternet, 2/17/12

Port Truck Drivers Push to Unionize Amid Squalish Conditions,, 2/9/12

TWU demands fair election for Toll’s US drivers, Australian Transport News, 2/7/12

This week in the War on Workers: Workers fight back at ports, warehouses, and more, Daily Kos, 2/4/12

Toll’s US Operation in the Gun over Unfair Labour Allegations, Australian Transport News, 2/1/12

Port Truck Drivers Push for Union Election, Despite Management’s Hostility, In These Times, 1/29/12

U.S. Truckies Take on Aussie Employer, Sydney Morning Herald, 1/27/12

Toll Group Drivers File with NLRBLos Angeles Business Journal, 1/27/12

Teamsters Press Unionization of Toll DriversJournal of Commerce, 1/27/12

Teamster argy-bargy to test Kruger, Financial Review, 12/23/12

Port Access Still Drives Teamsters, Los Angeles Business Journal, 12/12/11

Raising Hell in the City of Angels: Toll v TeamstersAustralian Transport News, 12/11/11

Toll Rejects Hoffa’s Claims on LA TruckersSydney Morning Herald,12/02/11

Extra work prompted reinstatements: TollAustralasian Transport News, 12/02/11

The reinstatement of laid off drivers begins, La Opinión,12/02/11

Truckers rehired amid union busting claimsDaily Journal, 12/01/11

Toll Holdings rehires sacked US driversNine News,12/01/11

Victory claimed as Toll rehires sacked truckiesAustralasian Transport News, 12/01/11

Teamsters turn up heat on Toll over driver sackings,  Australasian Transport News, 11/29/11

Laid off drivers fight for their union, La Opinión, 11/11/11

Sacked Toll Holdings workers stage rally in Los Angeles, Herald Sun,  11/11/11

Dismissed Workers, KWHY-TV 22, 11/10/11

L.A. port drivers demonstrate outside Australian Consulate officeKRCA-TV 62, 11/10/11

Port Truckers Say Pink Slips Were Bosses’ Retaliation, Daily Journal, 11/10/11

Australian consulate dragged into Toll-Teamsters spat, Australasian Transport News, 11/9/11

Toll Holdings sackings spark protest in US, The Sydney Morning Herald, 11/9/11

L.A port drivers fired after appearing at shareholder’s meeting in Australia,, 11/8/11

Truck drivers picket port company Toll GroupDaily Breeze, 10/28/11

Ex-Toll boss stays in the fold, Herald Sun,  10/27/11

Little time for unions, says logistics boss, The Sydney Morning Herald, 10/27/11

Little gives hairy gorillas a wide berth,  The Sydney Morning Herald, 10/27/11

Little slams TWU ‘interference,’ The Australian, 10/27/11

Toll chief takes shot at unionThe Australian Financial Review, 10/27/11

Little niceties take their Toll at AGMThe Australian Financial Review, 10/27/11

Toll Group MD to step down with $1.25M golden handshake, Post & Parcel, 10/26/11

Toll expects tough conditions to continue, The Sydney Morning Herald, 10/26/11

Teamsters Union takes complaints to Toll’s doorstep,  Australasian Transport News, 10/26/11

Australia’s Toll sees challenging local conditionsReuters,10/25/11

Toll’s gift to keep on giving, The Age, 10/22/11

Teamsters roll into L.A. port on back of clean-air plan,  Los Angeles Business Journal, 9/26/11

Little scouts for acquisitions to help expansion in USWall Street Journal, 9/20/11

Port drivers expose anti-union retaliation, injustice at Toll Group, Univision KMEX-34, 9/16/11

From the port, a cry for help: Drivers demand respect and dignified working conditionsLa Opinión, 9/13/11

Toll cops lashing over US operationsSupply Chain Review,9/2/11

Toll Annual Profit Rose 1 Percent to $281 MillionJournal of Commerce, 8/25/11

Ignoring evidence, safe rate opponents stand firm, Supply Chain Review, 2/3/11

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