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US truck drivers take on Toll Group again, The Age, 6/21/13

Toll in fresh dispute with US truck drivers, Teamsters unionThe Australian,  06/21/13

‘Troqueros’ Score First Union Contract with Shipping GiantLong Beach Post, 01/17/13

Toll puts Teamsters matter to rest, Australasian Transport News, 01/15/13

Trucking Firm In Union Drive, Los Angeles Business Journal, 01/14/13

This week in the War on Workers: A win for port truck drivers, Daily Kos, 01/12/13

Toll’s Port Drivers Reach Contract With TeamstersJournal of Commerce, 01/11/13

Southern California Port Truckers Reach Agreement with Australia’s Toll Group, Transport Topics, 01/11/13

IBT Member Port Truckers in Los Angeles Ratify Three-Year Contract With Toll Group, Daily Labor Report, 01/10/13

TWU talks up Toll’s Teamsters deal, Australian Financial Review, 01/10/13

Truckers union reaches collective bargaining agreement with Los Angeles, Long Beach ports, Daily Breeze, 01/10/13

US truckies celebrate Toll victoryAAP, 01/10/13

Toll takes aim at Australia Post, TWU takes aim at One Toll, Transport and Logistic News, 10/30/12

Slap on the wrist for Toll managers who who acted inappropriately, Australasian Transport News, 10/29/12

Shareholder tackle’s Toll’s ‘donkey-romp’ sagaSydney Morning Herald, 10/29/12

Toll drivers on in tough timeThe Age, 10/27/12

Toll won’t rule out more losses as it delays review report, The Australian, 10/27/12

Toll rejects claim it hired union buster9 News, 10/26/12

P*ssed off Kruger faces angry unions at Toll AGMAustralasian Transport News, 10/26/12

Toll rejects claim it hired union buster9 News, 10/26/12

Toll sees little relief ahead, Sydney Morning Herald, 10/26/12

Toll, Teamsters hearing set for December 10, Australasian Transport News, 10/24/12

Aussie truckies stand by US counterparts, The Australian, 10/23/12

Los Angeles Port Truckers Test Out Their Picket SignsIn These Times, 10/12/12

Toll given warning over penis apron actThe Sydney Morning Herald, 8/31/12

Toll managers sanctioned for making asses of themselvesAustralasian Transport News, 8/30/12

Little takes his Toll, 9 News, 8/29/12

Toll to focus on resolving Japan Problems9 News, 8/27/12

Toll targets e-tail growthAustralian Financial Review, 7/31/12

Crisis talks in bid to end strikeHerald Sun, 7/17/12

Toll in court to break picketThe Australian, 7/16/12

Coles Warehouse Workers Reject Toll Offer, Strike ContinuesInternational Business Times, 7/13/12

Trucks blocked as workers rage against Coles-Toll dealThe Age, 7/10/12

After decades of abuse, port truckers join union in California,  Free Speech Radio News, 7/3/12

Injured workers spied on by transport giant TollStock and Land, 7/2/12

Accusations fly as negotiations break down, Australasian Transport News, 6/20/12

Toll’s silence leaves serious allegations unresolvedAustralasian Transport News, 6/12/12

US union to copy TWU’s civil disobedience, Nine News, 6/2/12

Teamsters tell TWU your fight is our fight, The Australian, 6/1/12

Investors give Toll another thrashing, The Australian, 5/18/12

Toll to negotiate with Teamsters, ABC News, 5/16/12

Historic Union Victory in Los Angeles, Counterpunch, 4/26/12

Teamsters Pull into Port With San Pedro Truckers, Los Angeles Business Journal, 4/16/12

Teamsters Score 3-to-1 Election Victory in Nearly Union-Free Industry, In These Times, 4/13/12

Teamster harbor victory may have broad impact,  LA Observed, 4/12/12

Overwhelming vote forces Toll to deal with Teamsters, Supply Chain Review, 4/12/12

Southern California Toll Group Drivers Join Teamsters Union, Journal of Commerce, 4/12/12

Toll’s US truckies vote to unionise, The Australian, 4/12/12

Decision time as Toll’s US truckies wait for state-of-the-union redress, The Age, 4/12/12

Truck drivers getting a union vote after Toll Group intimidation campaignDaily Kos, 4/10/12

ITF Slams Treatment of Toll Drivers, International Transport Workers’ Federation, 4/10/12

Toll’s LA drivers to vote in historic Teamsters union campaignThe Australian, 4/9/12

Teamsters riled but Toll defends driver sackingAustralasian Transport News, 3/27/12

Low wages drive Toll’s US operation, Australasian Transport News, 3/23/12

Sterle gets personal amid escalation in Toll dispute, Australasian Transport News, 3/22/12

LA mayor backs truckies battling Toll, Sydney Morning Herald, 3/16/12

Toll’s US truckie row escalatesAustralian Financial Review, 3/14/12

Company fires truck driver for taking emergency bathroom break—while supporting a union, Daily Kos, 3/14/12

Fired for using the restroomLa Opinión, 3/13/12

Toll Group in dispute with Los Angeles truck driversThe Australian, 3/10/11

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Press Releases

Australian Transport Giant Toll Group Re-Launches Anti-Union Crusade on its American Workforce on the East Coast; Workers File Labor Board Charges Against the Company For Multiple Violations, June 19, 2013

Support From Aussie Truckies Helps US Toll Group Drivers Win Landmark Deal, January 10, 2013

Truck Drivers Clinch New Power with First Union Contract at L.A. Ports; Collective Workplace Action Cited as Key to Winning 50% Hourly Raise, Retirement, and Real Health Care, January 9, 2013

Official Joint Statement from Teamsters Local 848 and Toll Group regarding the conclusion of contract negotiations, December 30, 2012

One Toll Vision Must Be More Than Just Words: Joint Statement by the Transport Workers’ Union of Australia and the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, October 26, 2012

Port Truck Drivers Launch First-Contract Negotiations with Clear Message to Australia’s Toll Group: “Fair and Sanitary Working Conditions Are Not Optional in America, May 25, 2012

America’s Port Truckers Deliver a Resounding Yes Winning Union Recognition as Teamsters in Historic Vote; Drivers Coast to Coast Cite Los Angeles Victory to Clinch Collective Bargaining Rights They Are Currently Denied, April 11, 2012

America’s Port Truck Drivers Ready to Cast Ballots in Historic April 11 Vote at Australia’s Toll Group; Many Say They Will Vote “Union Yes” Despite Hostile Employer’s Attempts to Rig Negative Election Outcome, April 9, 2012

Australia’s Toll Group Sacks Another U.S. Worker; Pro-Union Supporter Cited for Renewing Public Safety Driving Credentials, March 23, 2012

Australian Trucking Corporation Condemned After Firing a Female Driver for Making Emergency Pit Stop at a McDonald’s, March 12, 2012

Top Toll Exec Abandons Melbourne Post on Profit Day; Andrew Ethell’s Los Angeles Trip Ignores Shareholder, Investor Concerns and Makes Growing Labor-Management Dispute Worse, February 22, 2012

Toll Australia Workers Stand With L.A. Port Drivers, Statement by Tony Sheldon, National Secretary of the Transport Workers Union, February 6, 2012

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