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Support From Aussie Truckies Helps US Toll Group Drivers Win Landmark Deal, January 10, 2013

Truck Drivers Clinch New Power with First Union Contract at L.A. Ports; Collective Workplace Action Cited as Key to Winning 50% Hourly Raise, Retirement, and Real Health Care, January 9, 2013

One Toll Vision Must Be More Than Just Words: Joint Statement by the Transport Workers’ Union of Australia and the International Brotherhood of Teamsters,  October 26, 2012

Port Truck Drivers Launch First-Contract Negotiations with Clear Message to Australia’s Toll Group: “Fair and Sanitary Working Conditions Are Not Optional in America, May 25, 2012

America’s Port Truckers Deliver a Resounding Yes Winning Union Recognition as Teamsters in Historic Vote; Drivers Coast to Coast Cite Los Angeles Victory to Clinch Collective Bargaining Rights They Are Currently Denied, April 11, 2012

America’s Port Truck Drivers Ready to Cast Ballots in Historic April 11 Vote at Australia’s Toll Group; Many Say They Will Vote “Union Yes” Despite Hostile Employer’s Attempts to Rig Negative Election Outcome, April 9, 2012

Australia’s Toll Group Sacks Another U.S. Worker; Pro-Union Supporter Cited for Renewing Driver Safety Credentials, March 23, 2012

Australian Trucking Corporation Condemned After Firing a Female Driver for Making Emergency Pit Stop at a McDonald’s, March 12, 2012

Top Toll Exec Abandons Melbourne Post on Profit Day; Andrew Ethell’s Los Angeles Trip Ignores Shareholder, Investor Concerns and Makes Growing Labor-Management Dispute Worse, February 22, 2012

Toll Australia Workers Stand With L.A. Port Drivers, Statement by Tony Sheldon, National Secretary of the Transport Workers Union, February 6, 2012

American Truck Drivers to Australian Transportation Corporation: “This is What Democracy Looks Like”, January 26, 2012

Labor Board Sides with American Truck Drivers in Struggle with Australian Employer to End Sweatshop Conditions, Anti-Union Saga, January, 3, 2012

Pro-Union Port Truck Drivers Reinstated by Beleaguered Australian Brand after Charges of Blatant Retaliation in U.S. Media to Spread to Calls for Justice Down Under, November 30, 2011

Labor Leaders, Workers, Advocates to Converge on Australian Consulate; Groups Protest Melbourne-Based Corporation That Axed Truck Drivers Who Tried to Form Union, November 8, 2011

Truck Drivers Employed by Overseas Corporation Hold Actions in U.S. and Australia to Protest Third World Conditions at its Los Angeles Facilities, October 25, 2011

12,000 Aussie Truck Drivers Join US Teamsters in Condemning Toll Workers’ Rights Breaches, October 25, 2011

Truck Drivers at America’s Largest Ports Expose Third-World Working Conditions; Australian Employer Toll Group Subjects Workers to Separate, Unequal Outhouses, September 9, 2011


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