TWU’s Commitment

Under the slogan “Our Fight is Your Fight,” members and leaders of Australia’s Transport Workers Union (TWU) have united with the International Brotherhood of Teamsters (IBT) to ensure fair treatment for Toll workers across the globe. As Toll enters new markets, the unions are ensuring that the company replicates the constructive labor-management relations that made it so profitable in Australia. TWU represents more than 12,000 Australian workers at the Toll Group and over 100,000 workers across the country’s transport sector.

TWU’s Solidarity Motion

We stand with our U.S. brothers and sisters. We demand Toll provide its employees, wherever they are employed, a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work and respect and dignity at work. We demand that Toll recognize the basic human right of employees, wherever they are employed, to get a better deal by being Union. Read the full motion and the press release.

TWU Supports U.S. Drivers at Shareholder Event

TWU and the Teamsters teamed up to support American drivers at Toll’s annual shareholders meeting in Melbourne. Click here to read TWU’s message to Toll shareholders.

Members Show Solidarity with U.S. Drivers

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