3 Ideas for Better Selling on Facebook with Shopify

Interested in taking a full advantage of Facebook and its power? Here are 3 ideas for better selling on Facebook with Shopify!
Selling on Facebook with Shopify

Facebook is the future of ecommerce and we cannot argue about this one. Facebook is offering a platform for different businesses to sell items directly to their followers and potential customers. We suppose you are used to advertising on other channels such as Pinterest, Google Adwords, Instagram, and others, however, Facebook is without a doubt one of the best channels for increasing sales and getting items directly in from of your target group.

The best thing – your customers don’t need to open your site to make a purchase – they can directly shop right through Facebook. Now that online shoppers are spending more than 85% of their mobile time in applications such as Facebook, using the proper strategy for marketing and selling through social media networks could bring huge gains in profit and many new customers. Here are a few great ideas for better selling on Facebook with Shopify and boost your sales:

Edit Shopify Facebook integration

Shopify Facebook integration:

If you already have an online store, the idea of trying to load and present all of your products into a new platform is not a good option. After all, that is an intensive process, especially if you have a lot of products and variations. If you use an ecommerce solution like Shopify, you can use the Facebook Shop Integration and sell your items on Facebook. Through this integration, all of your items together with product images and prices are imported directly into Facebook in a matter of minutes with just a few clicks. Selling on Facebook is super easy for all Shopify merchants. There is a two-click checkout process that allows customers to buy from you directly on Facebook without opening the Shopify store. The integration also allows you to review traffic and sales data. Shopify also allows retailers to sell on Messenger which means that customers can purchase directly in the conversation they are having with the brand.

Write interesting headlines:

If you added your products on Facebook using integration, you will need to edit your items through the Shopify account. If you added your products manually, you have a more control over them. You can create a basic description for your store when you are setting it up, however, you also want to create interesting product

descriptions that are going to bring you more potential customers. When people are searching for products on Facebook, they see the product title or the product headline. That is why you need to give each product you are selling a powerful and compelling name that represents the product and its value.

Set up Facebook offers

Set up Facebook offers:

When you make a new post to your Facebook page, you have the option to create an offer. These offers are presented on your page, as well as, in the feed of your target group. You can choose to send that traffic with the offer code to the ecommerce platform or apply the offer in your Facebook store. It is your decision. With a call to action button, you can drive potential buyers right to your products.

These 3 ideas are great for you to promote your business and your products on Instagram, however, keep in mind not to promote too heavily to your potential shoppers. Your followers are interested in your brand because they like your products but that doesn’t mean that they can tolerate constant and boring promotions. Keep it fun and positive and don’t pressure them to purchase something they don’t like.