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Start Selling on Facebook with Shopify: How to Add Your Facebook Pixel in 3 Steps

Read this article, learn how to add your Facebook Pixel in just 3 simple steps, and start selling on Facebook with Shopify right now!


If you are wondering how to add your Facebook pixel to your new Shopify store, you are in the right place. You will learn how to install the Shopify Facebook Pixel in just 3 simple steps and start selling:

  1. Locate your Facebook Pixel ID: The first thing you need to do is find the Facebook Pixel ID. Click the menu that is located in the top left corner and click on “All Tools”. Find Pixels which is right under “Measure & Report”. Click and you will get an immediate access to your Facebook Pixel ID.
  2. Enter your Pixel ID: The next step is entering the Pixel ID on your new Shopify store. Go to “Preferences” section, scroll down and find “Facebook Pixel ID” where you can add your pixel ID.
  3. Check the Pixel status on Facebook: This is the final step and you are officially done. Select “pixels” from the drop-down menu and take a look at the status. If the status says “Active” it means everything is ok and you are good to go. If the status says “No Activity Yet” it means that your pixel is not working and it might take up a few minutes for changes to be applied. We recommend you to wait, be patient, and see if the status will change. If it still not working, ask for help (there are a few steps you can take). You can try the Facebook Pixel Helper.

Once your Shopify Facebook pixel is active, there are a few things you can do to maximize the conversions from the pixel. You can make sure you have sufficient events on your pixel (if you don’t have enough pixels, you don’t have enough data to create an accurate picture), fix any issue with your Facebook pixel, check and play around with custom audiences, use the pixel to run active product ads, set up custom conversions, and etc.

Use these tips and before you know it, you will be a Facebook ads expert and your Shopify store will be ranking high. So, take the first step, use the tips mentioned in this article, install the Facebook pixel, and watch your online business grow.

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